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*Please note that we do not offer soundproofing services except in cases of full renovation projects. This article is for information purposes only*


Living in an apartment can be a new experience for many Irish people. With the increase in demand for living spaces, rather than building out the preferred solution is building up. There are many benefits to apartment living such as community facilities, security and organised living. However one item that sometimes we don’t realise in the negative is the transfer of sound. Those high heels on tiles, the heavy stomping of a disgruntled teenager on wood floors, the moving of furniture and the sound of that ever present neighbours water pump kicking in after 1am when they use the bathroom.

There are a number of measure that you and your neighbour could implement to reduce sound:

  1. Carpeted flooring instead of wood, tile or linoleum.
  2. Semi solid wood floors with a quality sound absorbing underlay.
  3. The use of rugs in open spaces.
  4. Soft furnishing that can adsorb some sound reverb.
  5. Foam and mixed material sound absorbing panels. Many interesting designs exist in this area that can compliment your interior scheme.


But lets say you’ve asked your neighbour politely to implement the above and they have agreed, yet you still find yourself being disturbed by noise transference. Well then its time to think bigger. In a lot of apartment buildings inadequate thought or investment is given or was given to sound transfer that is the root of these issues. However, if you are the owner of your property and live there then there are particular solutions, albeit that they will be initially disruptive due to the construction necessary but in the long run can assist in giving you that insulated and peaceful environment in your home.

Here is a short video from the soundproofing expert Philippe Ressos where he explains how he has treated the issue and how he has installed sound absorption panels on the concrete slab ceiling adjoining to the neighbours.



If you are looking for solutions to your sound issues we’ll be glad to advise as part of an overall design project.

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