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Are you thinking about renovating or updating your business or a room in your home? Then the first step is to clearly define the scope of your project: What's involved, the areas you wish to remodel or renovate and the budget you have which can significantly affect the scale of your ambitions and its final result. Having a clearly defined project brief is paramount to achieving a successful outcome.
At Michael Ó Mara Interior Design we can help and advise you on your first steps to achieving your project goals.
[hr] This product is suitable for small projects in both Residential & commercial fields. (Average 25sqm) For larger projects, it is recommended that you consider 'Consultation 4.0'. [hr]  
Michael Ó Mara Interior Design 1hr Online consultation includes:
  • On location consultation with the client to discuss the scope and ambition of their project
  • A digital copy of our latest Design Prospectus
  • A maximum of 1 hour online consultation (We find this is the best amount of time for a small project to get to know you and what you wish to achieve)
  • Suitable for approximately 1-2 rooms (time dependent)
  • After our consultation we provide a full 'Design Brief' that will clearly outline the full scope of your project and what you wish to achieve moving forward
  • We provide a Design fee Estimate based on your project with a full breakdown based on the different Phases of a project
  • We also include our Michael Ó Mara Interior Design process info-graphic that breaks down a project into 4 phases so, no matter how you chose to proceed you are aware of the basic steps involved in achieving your project goals.
  • We can accommodate all areas nationally & internationally so please contact us directly to arrange a consultation suitable for your timezone.
*Once payment is processed we will contact you directly to arrange a convenient time for you online consultation.
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