Design concept developments for the ensuite bathroom at RusHaus

The chiaroscuro ensuite by @middublin Plush, dark walnut paneling with secret storage. The 'Dark' room features two large circular mirrors, a theme which echos through in the 'light' side. Note the subtle metallic detailing in strips recessed by the panel edges and around the ribbed wood panel detail towards the ceiling - creating glints of light.
The wash basin area and the WC along with the shower area all feature floor to ceiling LED panels for a soft, warm and illuminating experience that is controllable.
A second feature prevalent in both iterations is the calacatta marble softly illuminated by the side lighting.
The floor features 80x80 porcelain in  concrete style finish which carries over to both rooms divided by the soft frosted pivotal door. 
The bath tub is a unique feature and unit in a bespoke colour tone designed around taking advantage of the view towards the lake area. 
The shower features both over head rain and side angled jets for that indulgent shower experience.