MiD: Poolbeg – Dublin’s iconic chimneys Re-imagined

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THE POOLBEG CHIMNEYS DUBLIN 2025 CONCEPT & the development of the Poolbeg surrounding area in cluding the ‘Dublin sky bridge’
© 1st March 2014



The year is 2017. The old power generating facility at poolbeg has now become obsolete. Many ideas have been discussed in how best to utilise the landmass for the future development and expansion of the city. The area has become neglected, stagnant – a waste land of vacant old buildings, decommissioned chimneys and obsolete industrial facilities…– this waste land is situated at the gates to the Capital city of Ireland.
TODAY: Poolbeg is an extension of Dublin City the capital of Ireland, situated at the mouth of the famous Dublin river: The Liffey. Strangely, the area has been earmarked for the construction of an incinerator right in the capital as opposed to taking advantage of the fantastic location that it is.
Since the 1990’s development along the both sides of the river have flourished: Apartments, commercial spaces, entertainment venues, retail & local amenities around the dockland area. As the population continues to grow and more and more people flock to the capital in search of their fortune, the city continually considers how to accommodate this expansion.
Dublin is a popular destination for tourists, but what could draw the masses? What could convince more people to visit the city? What would enhance the attraction to the capital to further investment from foreign companies and tourists alike? What would create sustainable jobs and economy? What would provide new, valuable and attractive residences to cater for a growing population?
Cities such as Bilbao, Sydney, Paris and Las Vegas all have spectacles that draw the masses from all around the world. The Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Opera house in Sydney, the Eiffel tower in Paris and the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. What if Dublin had such an attraction? What if we took what we already had and made it better? What if we took an iconic structure and developed it into a world renowned attraction?
Imagine the future of Dublin. Imagine the perfect living/ working area with all possible amenities – Recreation areas, parks, Schools, Hotels, commercial zones for offices, sports facilities, EXTREME sports facilities, promenades, revolutionary secure cycle lanes, yacht clubs, beautiful coastal and river views, hypermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, Cruise liner facilities, museums, cultural centre, retail units, beach residences and a spectacular tourist attraction…
Imagine Dublin today, now imagine Dublin in 2025. The shining beacon of modern, progressive and futuristic Europe where people from all over the world flock to work & play.
At the heart of this paradise, the focal point, the greatest tourist attraction of the modern era…
I present to you the future of Dublin:
& the development of the Poolbeg surrounding area.
By Michael Ó Mara © 1st March 2014







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Poolbeg MiD photo at night



We hope you enjoyed the re-imagining of an iconic and much loved historic landmark and the surrounding area with its potential adaptation into the future.

This is a concept in a basic form.  We hope that this could become an inclusive development idea for the city to the benefit of local, national and international people.

An updated animation of the proposal is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E1CewbnE_c

for further information contact:

Michael Ó Mara – 087 615 39 68

E: info(at)m-id.ie

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