On retail store presentation pt.4 – ‘Ideas ‘

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Some of MóMa I Designs simple ideas to better retail presentation (and maybe you already do this!)

Misdirected messages: Remove any advertising that is not directly related to your brand or products that visually distracts from what you are selling and showing

Less is more: Rather than trying to show everything that’s in your shop, focus on one or two items that are unique to your business and represent you the best – the shop is where you can display everything else!

All that glistens is gold! Proper focussed illumination that presents your product in the best light can be simple and easy to achieve. Make sure at night that your window display is lit up for passers by to see so as to create interest and additionally to give a feeling of ‘life’ to the town after hours. This can have the knock on effect of creating a ‘window shopping’ opportunity for consumers as they stroll through the town in the evening, leading on to a possible sale at a future date.

Never miss an opportunity! Getting your name, your brand and service out there is easier than ever before with the advent of the internet. Many people like to look up services and products online but still prefer to shop in person for that personal touch. If people know what you do and where they can get it, then this is where you can garner more sales and interest.

Get with the season. If you wish to appeal to new and existing customers. keeping the same window all year round is a major mistake. This does nothing for your business, more so to the common eye it presents an image of disinterest in ones brand/ product/ service. For example: an attempt at relating a service/ product to a festive season such as Christmas could be that you drop some fake snow and a few pieces of tinsel on top of your already existing display, throw in a Santa and you’re done, right? WRONG! In the eyes of a sophisticated consumer poorly presented windows = a poorly represented business. If one cheats on effort, one cheats on oneself. Pride in ones image is part of essential retail acumen to drive sales and sell your uniqueness compared to that of your competitors. Think about a unique window display for each retail season. Good planning is essential, give yourself several months before the approaching season to prepare and get it right.