On retail store presentation Pt.3 Dun Laoghaire

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In Dún Laoghaire town at present, the retail sector is in much distress. There are many closed units alongside operating ones. In many cases the facades of these closed units are dreary, unenticing and outmoded. This can have a negative knock-on effect to the businesses throughout the town as they can be all bundled into the same retail perception pool. And with operating stores, a poorly painted, unkempt store front forces people into a situation of ‘eyes down, keep walking’. Dirty shutters, dirty windows, peeling paint, graffiti, store fronts blasted with unrelated advertising, poor window lighting, bad cheap and unattractive signage – all this cuts footfall also, all this stifles business for the town as a whole. All this effects potential consumers psychologically in a negative way – much to the detriment of the local retail businesses.