On retail store presentation pt.2 Big Brands & their success

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Some reasons why ‘Big brand’ stores are a success:

They have come up with a product or service that is perceived as desirable and thus the consumer wants it.

They have developed a consumer base based on quality, image and usefulness through promotion and awareness

They have worked on their marketing strategy and future plan and they ‘know’ their consumer and their market

They have invested in advertising and promotion to further their local, national and international reach

Anywhere their product is presented (media, press, online, in store) it is always ‘beautiful’, ‘desirable’ ‘essential’.

 However, we realise that small, individual retailers in towns cannot always have the ‘global’ reach of the big brands. There is not the advertising & marketing capital available, thus promotion and brand development can be slow or indeed non-existant. Indeed, what can happen in some cases is that a person starts a retail business with much gusto, but after several years, lethargy sets in, the routine of just opening the shop and passing the day can become the norm. Making sure the bills are paid becomes the goal of each month and in some cases keeping your head above water: the agenda. All the while focus is taken away from what you are selling, how people perceive your service or product range and where you stand in the local market.

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