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The Villa home office. A contemporary space with a twist on traditional detailing. Key finishes are clay renders, satin sheen panel veneering and a subtle lighting scheme.

The feature illuminated backdrop brings a remarkable sense of drama to the space. The room functions both as a home workspace and a viewing room with a projection screen. There is a wonderful juxtaposition of the curve with the linear edge.

An example of video rendering to clarify an interior design concept
The Villa – Home office Interior Design by Michael Ó Mara Interior Design

Link to the video here:

Developed as part of our e-design service which gives you the confidence and solutions before you invest in your project. This service has garnered significant popularity with our clients as they can now truly see and visualise what they space will look like before dispensing funds for construction and development. This service lets you truly see and help you plan your finishes, layouts and style in advance of refurbishment or renovation. After all; seeing is believing.

Considered solutions before you start – Michael Ó Mara Interior Design & Property solutions

For more information on our e-design and Interior design services and to see how we can help you conceive, design & visualise your project today – visit us here: and book your appointment.

We are delighted to serve throughout Dublin, Meath, Wicklow and extended areas based on the project scale.

© 2022 Design, Music & percussion by Michael Ó Mara.

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