Dublin interior designers

Dublin interior designers

The MiD e-Design service

An online interior design service for clients who are keen to develop and manage their own project at their own pace but with professional advice, concepts and support from Michael Ó Mara Interior Design as backup.

This is a personalised, convenient and affordable solution to working with an interior designer remotely to create your perfect project. This could be your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even a mud room.

our service differs from typical edesign services that provide just a mood board. We provide a design concept of your space similar to the ones on the left, with a brief description of suggested finishes.

If you require a more in-depth specification service, consider our Resourcing Add-on.

Consultation & Design

A convenient, affordable and easy option for clients who are not in a location to avail of full service interior design, or for clients who are looking to complete smaller projects at their own pace.

We will develop a personalised design concept of your room/s based on the details provided from the Design & Lifestyle questionnaire (sent to you once an appointment is booked and your preferred services paid for via paypal / Invoice) & online consultation.

We also provide you with the MiD Michael Ó Mara Interior Design & property solutions measurement guide to assist you.

Upon receipt of your answers to the lifestyle questionnaire, your 40 minute Zoom or Whatsapp online consultation shall be arranged at a convenient time for you.

You can also book additional time if you feel it would be required. However if you would like to have a quick 5 minute chat before engaging please give us a call on 00353 1 2846903

From there we will develop a design concept which will incorporate the styles discussed and our suggested finishes & proposed colour scheme. It will also provide you with a general layout and orientation of furniture & fittings to create that perfect flowing contemporary design. This will be presented along with any additional advice in our project documentation. From here, you can take the project forward with a clear vision for your unique space. Alternatively you can expand the service we provide you with our Resourcing service add-on.

interior designers dublin, dublin interior design

Dublin interior designers

interior designers dublin, dublin interior design

Minimalist interiors by Michael O Mara

Resourcing Add-on

Our resourcing service add-on can save you decades of time! It is particularly popular with people who are busy all day and need assistance on sourcing and choosing the perfect materials for their design.

In the Resourcing add-on package, we will prepare a parcel which will include our suggested  materials for walls, floors, soft furnishings etc. We will also prepare a list of recommended items and suppliers.

It is important to note that we do not calculate quantities with this service and recommend that your supplier or fitter confirm exact amounts prior to ordering.

We intend to localise as best as possible for your convenience. We will package and post the sample items to you which can then be used as references to finalise your project.

CAD Add-on

Our CAD (Computer Aided Design) service is for the client that wants even more detail & Design. This can be for a dimension detailed floor plan or a wall elevation such as for fixed furniture or a wall layout, an electrical layout, a kitchen plan or bathroom layout to further inform your chosen trades person as to your design vision.

floor plan elevation

VIDEO Add-on

Our video add-on can significantly enhance your understanding and perception of your new room design. It is an effective tool to experience your interior concept before you start any works and to share it with your contractor & friends. See an example on the left.

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Book your appointment by filling out the form below, then we will send you all necessary preparation details and a payment invoice via paypal / direct for the services you request. Upon receipt of payment, We will be able to let you know what we are looking at as a start time (usually 1- 2 weeks). It will be necessary to measure & photo your room but don’t worry! Our MiD Measure & photo guide will help you out. Alternatively, if you already have professional drawings or plans we can work with this too to develop your new design in speedier time.

*If you would like to have a quick 5 minute chat before engaging then please give us a call on: 00353 1 284 6903


The consultation phase of our E Design process involves getting to know you, your style, inspirations and what you want to achieve in your design. We will forward you a brief questionnaire to reply to. Upon receipt of the answers, we will then arrange a convenient appointment for a  skype or whatsapp consultation with you to chat and listen to what you wish to achieve and then we’ll get started on your project.


Based on the notes taken from our consultation phase and the information you have provided, our interior design team will start to plan out your design. We will discuss what information we’ve acquired and how we can develop a design based on your preferences. The design will incorporate our suggested furniture layout, colour scheme, flooring & wall treatments.


After the consultation and planning phases, we will get to work creating your bespoke e Design interior design visual concept and plan. We will prepare at least 4 images of your room. If you would like a video version then we can do this too as an additional add-on. What makes our E Design service so great is the ability to visualise your new room design and give you the confidence to start work on it and at your own pace. After all, seeing is believing!

From here if you require more detailed information such as CAD drawings for fixed furniture/ cabinetry, floor plans etc. that’s no problem at all. You can avail of our CAD add on per item as you require it.


If you have chosen to avail of our Resourcing service, we will prepare and ship your sample items to you by registered post. *Please note that there might be a surcharge when shipping to the America’s which we will advise you of.


We will compile all our concepts into a digital document which you can carry with you on your phone, laptop or tablet and use for reference when you are out looking at products and trying out furniture etc.

If you have availed of our ‘Resourcing Add-on’, we will first package and forward your samples to you. If you have requested the CAD add-on, we will include these drawings in your digital document. If you are availing of the video add-on we will prepare this and forward a link to you via email.

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PER ROOM: From €750

*(Max room size 5m x 4m/ 16ft x 13ft)

  • An additional per sqm fee of €35 applies above this

This package includes:

  • The Room measurement & photo guide
  • Our MiD interiors inspiration brochure
  • A 40 minute online consultation
  • Design concept & development of your interior
  • A 3-D model floor plan layout
  • 4+ Photo renders of your room  (additional renders @€25 per image)
  • Materials description
  • Digital portable presentation file


(Per room)

  • To source samples of proposed/ similar suggested materials
  • A clear description of the materials as they appear on your designs
  • Preparation & posting of samples parcel (Please note that there might be a surcharge dependent on where you live due to high freight fees)
  • A furniture board of recommended furniture items
  • A prepared list of the selected and necessary materials & items along with local sources where possible


There are several options here to consider – please choose one

  1. Floor plan
  2. Wall Elevation
  3. Joinery drawing

*Estimated fee – some designs are more complex and as such would require additional time. You will be advised of this at the CAD stage when applicable


  1. Floor plan
  2. Wall Elevation
  3. Joinery drawing

* As noted above


Based on the development of your design, we will provide a high quality video of your space which you can view and share.

* Room size is a guide, if your room is within or around this size we will be happy to facilitate

** In an open plan space such as a kitchen/ dining/ living room one room means one of the spaces if they are above the room size guide

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    Please select from the options below and copy and paste relevant to the text box below:

    1. One Room: €550
    2. Resourcing Add-on per room: €475
    3. CAD Drawing add-on: €170
    4. Each additional CAD drawing: €140
    5. Video Add-on per room: €175