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Minimalist design with unique vertical lighting features and ambient illumination

“It’s why we hire designers.”

The minimalist approach to the refurbishment of Mary’s apartment bathroom was key in re-imagining this space coupled with design thought and the dedication of our colleague Rares.

The bathroom is a room for relaxation and revitalisation. A small oasis in a bustling city.

With this in mind, the bathroom was completely refurbished and re-designed. The original bath which served little purpose in the modern dwelling and so was replaced by a large walk-in shower area.

The idea was to create a unique space which was achieved through the implementation of a bespoke lighting scheme that could be adjusted to serve either as an ambient environment or as a task and functional room for make-up and self-prepping.


The open space was adapted to appear as a window – illumination was placed behind the screen to give a sense within a city apartment that it was daylight outside.


The bathroom hardware is also a key factor. Note the wall mounted tap fitting – a contemporary and slick finish.


See the before photos below: