Bathroom inspiration – interior design

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Bathing – an action serving both purpose for hygiene and therapeutic reasons is why considerable thought should be given to this rooms design and function.

Throughout the ages, bathing was a feat carried out in natural streams & lakes. With the ingenuity of Roman aquaducts which brought fresh water from streams to the cities –  people could bathe in public baths locally. With the advent of plumbing, public bathing was no longer necessary bringing this therapeutic luxury into the home in the form of wooden tubs lined with linen or copper basins that could be filled by water heated on a stove for the more regal of the time.

Nowadays, a bathroom or shower room are common features in every home no matter the size. They are rooms of interest and function, an environment to be enjoyed where one can relax and and let go the stresses of the day or indeed freshen up for the start of one new.


There are so many elements involved in todays bathrooms and so many opportunities to create wonderful, ambient environments with singular or dual purposes. Indeed, the bathroom is the perfect room to create that ‘wow’ factor in any home and distinguish your residence to any other.

There are so many options when it comes to finishes – from glass, mirror, porcelain, acrylic, ceramic, wood and stone – choosing the most suitable is dependent on the specifics of the area.

There are also many options in bath tubs and their respective designs.

In addition, the wide range of tap fittings, shower heads, columns and jets can be overwhelming.


A selection of some of our recent designs:


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